Mooky Cow and Cheval posing in reusable produce bags

DOWNTIME DIYS #3: Reusable Veggie Bags

HI. TWO POSTS TODAY COS I WAS BAD LAST WEEK. Anyhoo. Here in Australia, our supermarkets have gone back and forth about plastic bags vs no plastic bags at checkouts. They seem to have settled on no plastic bags, and offer several types of reusable bags for sale for very little dollars indeed (we call… Continue reading DOWNTIME DIYS #3: Reusable Veggie Bags

steamed dumplings in a blue and white dish with chopsticks across the top.

EVERYDAY EDIBLES #2: Homemade Dumplings

QUICK NOTE: Apologies for not posting last week. My sister was visiting, and I was busy napping and making these dumplings! She liked them though, so you have a second opinion. Try them out! Nom. I LOVE dumplings. Particularly steamed ones. I’m not a fan of the fried or boiled varieties, and not a fan… Continue reading EVERYDAY EDIBLES #2: Homemade Dumplings

Two different utensil holders in warm metal tones. One with spoons, and one with a hairdryer

DOWNTIME DIYS #2 [HACKS]: Painted Cutlery Holder(s)

I’M LATE OMIGOD. Sorry. Yesterday was my birthday and I was doing a whole lot of nothing. This week’s DOWNTIME DIY is pretty simple, but I discovered some cool effects with these techniques so here goes. I bought these simple stainless steel cutlery holders from Kmart – one for cooking utensils, and one for my… Continue reading DOWNTIME DIYS #2 [HACKS]: Painted Cutlery Holder(s)

Bowl of stew being held underneath by a hand.

EVERYDAY EDIBLES #1 – Garden Variety Roo Stew

Whew. We made it. The first Everyday Edibles! Woo! Also, I made an error earlier – there’s no way I’ll be able to make these weekly and have enough stuff to post, so both Downtime DIYs and Everyday Edibles will be fortnightly, on alternate Tuesdays. OK, with that out of the way, welcome to my… Continue reading EVERYDAY EDIBLES #1 – Garden Variety Roo Stew

A rectangular wooden frame inlaid with hessian is on a blue sheet leaning against a white wall. There are many earrings hanging off the frame. There is a small wooden bowl with rings in the front.

DOWNTIME DIYS #1 – DIY Jewellery Frame

And here we go with the first DOWNTIME DIY!!!! Excite! This one I have made many times and can be used for many things besides jewellery. So. I have a lot of earrings. Like, a LOT. And many of them have hanging parts or interconnected sections and when they’re all lumped in together in a… Continue reading DOWNTIME DIYS #1 – DIY Jewellery Frame

Nush is wearing a cosplay costume - army green pants, a purple and white tunic with long front and back panels with gold trim, black waist armour, a red belt, and a white turban with red trim. She is crouching and facing the camera.

FULL SCALE #8: [COSPLAY] – Wrathion (World of Warcraft)

Hello hello. I am here! I promised a post, and boy is this a big one. Time for more cosplay! First a little background on the character: Wrathion is a character from the Warcraft game universe, more specifically the MMORPG World of Warcraft. Players will be familiar with this character as his storyline is important… Continue reading FULL SCALE #8: [COSPLAY] – Wrathion (World of Warcraft)


FULL SCALE #7: Floral Bodice

Yes, flowers for spring. But at least, I’m not making any grand statements about new trends and fresh ideas. Calm down. Hello after a very long time. Many apologies. I was away in Europe – as you know from my previous post, and then when I returned, I got caught up in life and settling… Continue reading FULL SCALE #7: Floral Bodice


FULL SCALE #6: Half Circle Skirt

I love wearing circle skirts. Have I said that before? Well. when I first entered the world of circle skirts, I thought of them as poodle skirts and that only one style was possible – full circle, knee/calf length. How wrong I was. There are many kinds of circle skirts and they all have different… Continue reading FULL SCALE #6: Half Circle Skirt


GIFTED #1: Botanical Mural Throw

OK, OK. So it wasn’t an octopus. Or a cephalopod of any kind. I made my sister a painted throw/blanket/wrap/coverlet for her birthday. Last year, I made her a 1920s-style triangle shawl with the same green fabric and golden fern fronds. There was fabric left over and I got inspired by MACC and HGTV’s Botanical Jungle Wall… Continue reading GIFTED #1: Botanical Mural Throw