FULL SCALE #1: Circle Skirt

I like skirts as much as the next girl. I like the freedom and the breezes, but they are not training conducive, and I like to lead a somewhat active lifestyle.

This ‘poodle skirt’ inspired 50s style full circle skirt is the second major thing I sewed so it is a couple of years old. The converse are a cute styling nod to the era without being too retroactive.

Very fun and the bright colours are vibrant and joyful. Yay joy.

It is knee length and unlined but floats around magically when I spin and is ridiculously amazing. I used a stark wide black elastic for the waist as I did not understand zippers at the time. I only just understand them now, after having sewed tons of them. F@#%ing zippers.

Clothes I make though, make me happy. Most of the time. Unless they’re wrong. Then I will fuss and fix until they do make me happy.


Photo taken by the lovely Kim Brewster back in 2012/2013. Our local neighbourhood is pretty.

Also, check out this amazing circle skirt app by By Hand London that I found. It is super handy and saves you time and brain power. Maths man, ain’t fun.


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