– a piece of land surrounded by water.


There’s a feeling of security you get when surrounded by water. To some, islands bring a sense of isolation, but for me they offer a sense of liberation – drifting on the sea on a piece of land.


I grew up on a small tropical island amidst a civil war, late 90s pop culture, and a not-so-conservative family. I was the odd duck in a family of slightly-less-odd ducks, with a weird complex about skin, size, and aesthetics. Later, I migrated to a much bigger not-so-tropical-but-batshit-insane island which, while having a similar population size, had a very different culture.


The first time I sewed something, I was 4 turning 5, and I sewed two pieces of card together with yarn to make a photo frame. My posh private girls school taught us sewing in ‘Home Science’ classes – we were to be proper ladies. The sewing lessons continued until I changed schools where a more modern curriculum did not see the need to teach such things. I didn’t really sew again (or make anything) until I had finished university and was roped into helping make costumes for a revue. My friend Megan showed me how to sew a straight line and that was it. I began following YouTube DIY channels, trying random craft ideas, and helping out with more shows to gain more experience.


2012 was a turning point. I got out of a bad relationship in a difficult manner and stuff was in the air. But I had friends who made me do things, and I began taking training and creating more seriously. I borrowed a sewing machine off a friend and have not stopped since.


I make clothing, costumes, home décor, paper crafts, ceramic craft, headpieces, props, and paint pieces. I train circus with a community group and make costumes for performances, gigs, parties, parades, and general fun.




Life often feels like it’s going nowhere for me, but this why I like islands. When you get to the sea, you find the island has ended, but if you turn and follow the coast, you might find something new. Things end, but new things are always beginning.



When life gives you lemons, make them into something else. Not lemonade. Lemonade is boring. Maybe lemon flowers – less useful, but cool to look at. Just try.





Hi. I like islands, sewing, and making magical experiences out of nothing. See the things I make. Maybe one day, I make for you. Maybe. No promises.




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