REAL TALK #5: Refresh, Renew, Restructure

Hello and welcome back friends. Or welcome back me. I have returned after many many years of trying to work out what to do with this blog and where I want to go with it. I’ve spent time working out domain charges and hosting, and getting my lovely friend Juliana to do all the heavy lifting with re-jigging this site. See her work here.

Here’s what we’ve done, and what you can expect in the future.

The site has been organised and streamlined to make it easier to view and easier to categorise and post on my end. We have also updated the Projects page and renamed it Works so as to properly organise and categorise my posts into what I hope is an easier format for viewing and searching. You may have also noticed the changes in titling of these posts – I am reworking everything to fit into series or ‘playlists’ as it were, in the hope that – in the future when I have many posts – followers can find things easier and follow along with the stuff they are interested in.

So here is what I have so far:

  • REAL TALK is a series that covers any non DIY posts, especially those that give out pertinent information, and my random musings on life. This such post is one of them. These will not be frequent, but will show up intermittently as and when needed, or when I have a thought I wish to share.
  • FULL SCALE is a series that showcases all of my major DIY projects (particularly clothing and costuming) that take time to do, be it over a few hours, a weekend, or a very extended time frame like many months. There will be smaller sub-series in here such as [COSPLAY], that I feel require an extra highlight of their own. I hope to post one of these every month, maybe on a Sunday, life depending.


Now the two series that I am super excited for:

  • DOWNTIME DIYS – a series of small DIY projects, usually home decor/storage solutions/simple upgrades that can be done in your downtime – be that half an hour or across a few hours. I have a bunch of these lined up and they are exciting and super fun. I’ve been doing a lot of these in an effort to continue making and creating when time is restrictive/life is forbidding. This will be WEEKLY, though I am unsure yet as to the day.
  • EVERYDAY EDIBLES – i like to cook. By no means am I a great chef or even a super good home cook, but I like to try different things and new flavours and styles of cooking. I am trying to eat less carbs so that is part of my journey of food discovery too. I tend to cook and a lot of Asian-inspired one-pot simple meals, and I want to expand my repertoire and keep my interest in food and cooking alive. I also like to make drinks – and as someone that generally doesn’t drink alcohol (maybe once every two years?), I like making sparkling drinks and iced teas, and interesting juice combos. This will also be WEEKLY, and again am unsure which day. Watch this space.

Alongside these are two mini series:

  • GIFTED – a series that fits across everything, focusing on gifts that I have made that I feel are worth sharing.
  • HACKS – a series where I attack pre-existing or recently-purchased items and hack/update them to get the look/feel/attributes I am after. This one is super fun.


And now for the biggest news. So far, I have talked a bit about my process but have mostly extrapolated on the background to the project and other little associated anecdotes. That is about to change. From here on out, DOWNTIME DIYS, EVERYDAY EDIBLES, and HACKS, will be instructional! I will attempt to post clear, concise, step-by-step instructions within the posts, and material lists and ingredient lists, as well as handy tips, so that YOU can make things too!!!


Phew. This is tiring and a little stressful but pressure is my friend. It is. I swear. These past couple of years have been tiring, but i have been crafting and making so I do have a range of things to post up here. Watch this space. First actual post in forever will come tmrw. And it’s a FULL SCALE.


See you tmrw.

<3 Nush.


ps: Yes, I like alliteration.

pps: Send me feedback.


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REAL TALK #4: Fabric Sourcing

I have a love-hate relationship with buying fabric. While I am obsessed with the look and feel movement of fabric, I get super irritated when I don’t understand it’s make-up/weave/structure.


It is also irritating when people think I don’t know anything about fabric. I like learning about the different types and sub-types of textiles, as well as what they are used for. Just because I sometimes use fabrics for things that they are not normally used for is neither here nor there.


The majority of my fabrics, accessories, and haberdashery are sourced from a store called The Remnant Warehouse. As the name implies, they deal with a lot of factory and designer remnant rolls and as such have a wide array of textures for your choosing. They have a separate dance/performance fabrics section which, I kid you not, is shiny as fuck. Like a pretty rainbow of sequins and textures.


The staff here is awesome. They are heaps friendly, and despite being very busy, they are happy to help. Unlike other fabric stores which seem cold and clinical, the fact that they are practically overflowing with stock makes it seem warm and exciting. Everything is also labelled clearly, and the fact that they almost always have something on sale doesn’t hurt either.


My favourite has to be the Tuesday sales (buy 1, get 1 of same or lesser price for free) on the remnant rolls outside. They also have a mind-blowing amount of zips in a veritable rainbow of colours. Really. Legit. Many colours. And mini lycra remnant rolls in cool patterns and textures.


Try them out. Follow them on social media. You won’t be disappointed.

Hey, I might even meet you there.


The Remnant Warehouse: 494 Botany Road, Alexandria, Sydney. |


REAL TALK #3: Instagram

So some of you may have noticed a slight name change here. This blog has a new address: So please update that if you have it saved somewhere for easy clicking and such.

I also bowed to peer pressure, and got an Instagram account for the blog. Now, I use Instagram for myself and I have amassed a respectable amount of followers – mostly my friends, and a few randoms who follow me for my crafty things or my circus things. But run an Instagram account dedicated to a blog? I dunno. I already follow Geneva Vanderzeil and With Wendy  and their committment astounds me, but they have dedicated blogs and Instagram accounts because this is their chosen career. I am still unsure if I want to do the whole Gen Y thing and be a slashie, but it looks like I am headed that way.

My problem is that I want to do everything. But I digress. Instagram. I have a blog specific account. Still needs things backdated and added on but go check it out: islandnativelife

Let me know what you think. 🙂


REAL TALK #2: Truth

“We’re all islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstanding.”
― Rudyard Kipling

Kipling. Author of many of the stories I read in my childhood. I am not an uber fan of anything really, but I am a regular fan of many things. Kipling is one of them. ‘If’ is one of my favourite poems to date – it is timeless and eternally relevant to humanity.

Communication is important. Working through things and accepting the truth is hard, but the impact is priceless. I am not terribly trusting, but I can trust that the few close friends I have, have got my back. They support me when I need them to, and the little things they do really help pick up my days. They understand without needing to know.

If we spend our days projecting carefully constructed images of ourselves as what we think we should be, we create endless streams of misunderstanding, and ideas and truths get lost in the fog. We may all be islands, floating in a sea of 7 billion people, but if we accept ourselves, and support each other, we can be the best islands we can be.

That is what I like about islands. They may be isolated and floating by themselves in the ocean. But they are open and exposed – they take whatever their surrounds can throw at them, they stand firm through it all, and they come out stronger for it.

Be an island. Be true to yourself, so you can create truths together.