REAL TALK #2: Truth

“We’re all islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstanding.”
― Rudyard Kipling

Kipling. Author of many of the stories I read in my childhood. I am not an uber fan of anything really, but I am a regular fan of many things. Kipling is one of them. ‘If’ is one of my favourite poems to date – it is timeless and eternally relevant to humanity.

Communication is important. Working through things and accepting the truth is hard, but the impact is priceless. I am not terribly trusting, but I can trust that the few close friends I have, have got my back. They support me when I need them to, and the little things they do really help pick up my days. They understand without needing to know.

If we spend our days projecting carefully constructed images of ourselves as what we think we should be, we create endless streams of misunderstanding, and ideas and truths get lost in the fog. We may all be islands, floating in a sea of 7 billion people, but if we accept ourselves, and support each other, we can be the best islands we can be.

That is what I like about islands. They may be isolated and floating by themselves in the ocean. But they are open and exposed – they take whatever their surrounds can throw at them, they stand firm through it all, and they come out stronger for it.

Be an island. Be true to yourself, so you can create truths together.